From me to you.

Things are busy here at Jen Schmidt Photography! So busy, in fact, that nearly every week feels like closing or opening a new chapter. I am floored…but I don”t want to get lost in the shuffle :)

So as I was re-watching my 2011 video this afternoon (because often to know where you”re going, you need to know where you”ve been) I came up with a little something from my heart, to all of you wonderful people. I”m there with you through the most important moments grationbonus of your lives, so here, in a nutshell, is what I aim to do:

I want to

help you see.
make you feel warm and fuzzy.
melt your heart (frozen or not).
fill your world with color and light,
and love.
help you remember moments, and emotions
and those teeny, tiny fingers and toes.
make you cry because you are so happy,
or because it is so beautiful.
capture that perfect moment, that look on her face
when she sees the ring!
the pinnacle, the flutter of your hearts,
the best in yourself
and every second you want to hold forever.

I cannot wait to share with you what the next five months bring!

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