Boudoir Marathon June 10-12 hosted by Jen Schmidt Photography

Don’t forget! I’m hosting a boudoir marathon next Sunday-Tuesday for all you lovely ladies who want a little something fun for yourself or someone you love! Also – bring a friend and get $75 off!

I provide the hotel room, hair and makeup, champagne, and snacks. You bring your beautiful self, the outfits you want to wear, and a good attitude. These photos are about beauty. Confidence. Empowerment. They serve as an elegant reminder that you should always feel comfortable in your own skin. Boudoir photos and albums are unique gifts for weddings and anniversaries; call (775) 233-7971 or email jen{at}jenschmidtphotography{dot}com to schedule your session!


Never heard of it? Well, boudoir photography is…



My number one goal is to make you feel comfortable, and beautiful. Unless you give written consent to release your images, they will always be locked up with a password that only you have.


I’m no schoolmarm, but I won’t push you to the depths of vulgarity or poor taste either. I aim to create jaw-dropping, tasteful and artistic photos of you. How much you want to wear or not wear is your choice.


Not in a man-hating, butt-kicking or belligerent kind of way, but in a, this-is-what-I-look- like-and-dangit-I-feel-beautiful kind of way. Boudoir is about loving who you are in your own skin. It’s my job to remind you, through photos, just how amazing, sexy and gorgeous you really are…inside and out. A great gift. For your fiancé or husband of 25 years, your loving partner or just for yourself. Kindle your love or just remind yourself what a beautiful woman you are.


Remember that this is about you.You are beautiful. You are a goddess. You are inspiring. Time to relax, trust the lens and the light, and enjoy.