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  • On dogs, and immortality

  • “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” - Agnes Sligh Turnbull For as long as I can remember, I have loved dogs. I have had the great good fortune of owning several in my time on earth, and I intend to have a dog by my side when I breathe my last. From the ages of 5-10 my family was sans canine, a[...]
  • Happy 35th Anniversary, Mom and Dad

  • In 30 years of living and seven years of working as a wedding photographer, I have met a lot of happy couples. Occasionally, though, I am lucky enough to meet those couples who seem so cosmically drawn to each other that nothing can shake their bond. The sky splits apart and an absolute deluge, complete with lightning,[...]
  • Birth photography: the night GG was born

  • The phone rings at 2:40 a.m. It’s not unusual for me to have trouble getting to sleep, but this night in particular has been difficult. I’m excited. I hear a man’s voice. “Angie asked me to give you a call,” says Nelson. “The baby is coming tonight.” I’ve had my camera equipment packed and ready for this moment f[...]
  • Ezra et al - Lake Tahoe Family Portraits

  • I've known Bethany and her beautiful little family for years now, and I always love when I have a chance to spend an afternoon documenting how much Gage and his little brother Ezra are growing up. This year Ezra turned two and although sickness, weather and one unfortunate haircut delayed our celebratory birthday portr[...]